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Kyu & Dan Examinations

Kyu Examinations

The CJKF uses the same Kyu Examination process as the Japan Karate Association.  The evaluation guide can be found by clicking here.

The minimum time requirement between Kyu levels is three (3) months based on training at least three (3) times per week.  These expectations are particularly important from 4th Kyu and above.  

Dan Examinations

All CJKF black belt Dan Examinations are awarded by the Japan Karate Association (JKA).  Information on time requirements and criteria can all be found by clicking here.  Generally, CJKF examination times are one year longer than on the JKA website.  JKA times are based on training 5-6 times a week

Every CJKF member must have the permission of his or her dojo instructor to take a dan examination. Students should not test simply because the minimum time allowed between exams is up. By requiring dojo instructors’ signatures on dan exam forms, CJKF helps encourage students to discuss their intentions and readiness with their Sensei.


5th Dan examinees must be recommended by CJKF’s committee of technical directors. Out of common courtesy, these examinees must also let their instructors know about their plans to take the exam.  5th dan requires a national level of technical responsibility and in some countries, is the highest ranked instructor. To grade at this level, CJKF members should know you and you should have national exposure. People who hope to earn a 6th dan or higher need to be known not just nationally, but also abroad.


 When a student approaches an instructor about taking an examination, it is the duty of the instructor to ensure he or she is ready for the grading. It reflects badly on instructors and senior dojo members when examinees are not ready.


 The Chief Technical Director for the CJKF, will only conduct kyu and dan examinations for CJKF members. Out of fairness to everybody, non-CJKF members are not able to earn JKA qualifications.

The Exams & Qualifications Administrator can be emailed by clicking here. Individual registrations will not be accepted if they are not submitted by a CJKF Instructor. Candidates must register with approval of their instructor and provide them with the necessary documents to prove their eligibility. 

Please refer to the JKA's Technical Manual for the Instructor to understand the expectations and evaluation criteria.

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